The Famous Mr. Cat

mrcat-intenseMr. Cat is our beautiful, hilarious, hungry, sleepy, loving cat. He was living on the street in an apartment complex that I moved into in 2009 while I was searching for the perfect home to buy. I had recently lost my Mom to cancer and I was very down and spending a lot of time just sitting on the balcony thinking about her. The balcony was situated close enough to the main hallway that Mr. Cat could use his special cat agility and walk onto the balcony to check on me. He would come see me almost every day and sit with me or let me pet him. I liked him immediately because he looked almost exactly like a cat I had when I was growing named Pooh Bear. But as much as I liked him I was not planning on getting a cat (on the contrary I was planning on getting Sheika the Akita) and I knew that if I fed him he would keep coming back for more. I noticed that he was being fed by several people in my part of the apartment complex so I didn’t worry about him starving.


But after several weeks of him coming to check on me when I was really down I really started to fall for him. So I started checking to make sure he got food because nobody was feeding him regularly there was just a mix of people putting food out every now and then. So I started feeding him and pretty soon he was at my door asking (very loudly) to be fed every morning and night. He was actually pretty annoying when he would meow really loud if i didn’t feed him when he asked. So I decided I would just feed him until I found a house and then I would leave him in his “home”. But one day he disappeared for a few days and I got really worried and felt horrible that I had not taken care of him. He finally appeared and I was so happy to see him that I decided I never wanted to lose him again.

mrcat1Now that I had made up my mind I decided to go around my apartment complex just to make sure that he didn’t belong to someone. Everyone told me he was just the neighborhood cat that everyone fed so I decided to take him in. Actually at this point I thought he was a she because when I checked for his “equipment” I didnt see any. Since I could tell he was a little crazy I had already started calling him Dali after my favorite artist Salvador. But now that I “knew” that he was a she I started calling him Gala, which was the name of Dali’s wife.

Now that he/she was mine I wanted to keep him protected and inside the apartment so I bought a littler box and put it in the second room. But he was not happy inside at all, he was used to being outside and having his run of the place so he would stand at the door and scream/meow at me to let him out…little did I know that this would become my regular routine…serving don king cat.


I also decided that I should take her/him to the vet to get his shots. It was at this point that my excellent vet Dr. Emilio Zouain informed me that she was actually a he that had been neutered. So this caused a mix of emotions because on the one hand I was glad to now the truth but on the other hand it made me sad that someone probably just abandoned him because cats don’t just neuter themselves. So his name went back to Dali but it never really fit after that…

It was about this time that I met the love of my life Jany and we fell madly in love and even though she was allergic to cats (and dogs so imagine my concern) she quickly fell in love with Dali. But she didn’t remember his name the first few times that she met him so she would call him Mr. Cat! To me it just sounded perfect because it sounded like he was a performer or actor of some sort and at the same time demanded respect and that you address him properly when speaking to him.  So that is how he became the famous Mr. Cat!


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