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Oasis of The Seas Day 7: The Adults Only Pool and Sundeck

26 Aug

Hi Everyone!

Well it is the end of an amazing week aboard the Oasis of The Seas!  We have been at sea for the last two days and besides the Dreamworks Parade we have spent the vast majority of our time at the Adults Only Pool.  But it is much more than just a pool, it is an entire area comprised of two levels at the front of the ship that is sectioned off for passengers over 16 years old.  It is designed with a bit of zen and a lot of glass but there are also plenty of openings so that there is a very nice breeze blowing through to keep you cool.

Don’t get me wrong, we love kids, we are planning on having kids, but for two adults on a vacation on their own it is wonderful to have an area where nobody is running around or screaming or splashing.  We actually didn’t even discover this area until about day 4 since there were so many other things to do and see on the ship.  We also thought that it was just going to be a small area around a pool, when in actuality it is a small pool and jacuzzi surrounded by a very big area!

Here is our first view, you can see the bar and someone gesturing to a seat, you definitely need to get here a little early to get the best seats, but most of them are very good.  We actually preferred this area as it was out of the direct sun and we already had pretty good tans from the first few days!

Oasis-of-The-Seas-Adults-Only-BarHere is what the ocean looks like, you can see how the sun deck blocks the wind (and the rain if it happens) but is also open to allow a breeze.

Oasis-of-The-Seas-Adults-Only-OceanAt this point we took a quick break so that Jany could check the main camera.

Oasis-of-The-Seas-Adults-Only-EntryI took the opportunity to get a shot of the beautiful Zen pond on the first level.
Oasis-of-The-Seas-Adults-Only-ZenHere is a nice shot of what we were looking at from our lounge chairs.


And here is what we were looking at when we laid back on our lounge chairs…if only I could package the feeling I had at this moment and sell it!Oasis-of-The-Seas-Adults-Only-SkySo that was our final day on the amazing Oasis of The Seas.  We had such an amazing time I know that this series of posts have not even done it justice.  I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a relaxing but fun and adventurous vacation.  There is not too much to say about our disembarkation, it went smoothly, we loved our stateroom attendant and tipped him generously.  Luckily Jany arranged all of the tips on night 6 and so we were able to take it easy on our last night.  I hope you enjoy your vacation as much as we did and if you have any questions about anything at all please leave a comment below.

Bon Voyage!

Josh and Jany

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Oasis of The Seas Days 5 and 6: St. Maarten and Dreamworks Parade

4 Aug

Ahoy Fellow Cruise Enthusiasts!

I decided to combine days 5 and 6 because we mostly spent day 5 relaxing on the beach without our camera.  We chose to do the 4 X 4 St. Maarten and Beach Escape for a couple of reasons: First, I love Jeeps and second, we wanted to just relax on the beach for most of the day.  We had a great time and actually got to see a lot of St. Maarten and spend some nice time on the beach.

Here you can see me plotting out our course for the day…approximately.


When we got back to the ship we were scheduled for our only return to the Main Opus Dining Room for dinner.  As discussed in previous posts we were not very happy with our first night in the main dining room and decided to visit the 150 Park Central specialty restaurant the next night.  We were so happy with the experience that we dined at the other specialty restaurants the following nights. But the customer service on Royal Caribbean lived up to its reputation and they followed up with us to see why we were not happy with the main dining room.

The Maitre’D promised to improve our experience by giving us a table that was separate from everyone else.  It was definitely an improvement but the service was still a bit slow so we decided to return to our beloved 150 Central Park on night 6.  It worked out great because they change the menu for 150 Central Park halfway through the trip so we were able to try a whole new menu and it was just as delicious as the first menu!

The chandelier is the highlight of the Main Opus Dining Room.


But our love of the specialty restaurants is old news from previous posts.  The main purpose of this post is to tell you the importance of arriving early to the Dreamworks Parade on the promenade!  The Dreamworks Parade only happens on the days at sea.  On the first day we showed up about 30 minutes before the parade was going to start and we could not even see what was going on.  There were so many people in front of us on the parade route that we could only catch glimpses of the performers, but we knew from the little bit that we could see (and from the applause and cheers) that we were missing an incredible show.  So we vowed to show up early for the next parade.

We decided that arriving almost two hours early for the parade would ensure us a front row seat.  And luckily we were right!  But not by much because we got one of the last front row seats on the route.  You might think two hours is a bit excessive but if you want a seat instead of standing it is worth it.  The time waiting for the parade passed quickly, as I grabbed a couple of beers and watched the people while Jany went to check out some of the awesome shops on the promenade.  Her favorite was a cupcake shop where she bought a couple of books and a few cupcakes for us.

They started setting up for the parade about an hour before it started and we could tell it was going to be incredible.  This is also when the rest of the passengers started showing up and I had to do the old “Sorry this seat’s taken”.  I was only defending one seat so I didn’t get much argument but there were a few people that were defending multiple seats and there were some minor arguments…enough to keep me entertained.

The parade was so worth the wait.  All of our favorite Dreamworks characters were there, including the crazy lemur from Madagascar and the whole cast from How To Train Your Dragon!  Yes we are adults but we love the modern computer animated features…who doesn’t?

It starts with an incredible acrobatic display.

oasis-of-the-seas-acrobatThen the lion from Madacascar shows up with the scheming secret service penguins!


oasis-of-the-seas-parade-penguinsThen Puss in Boots makes an appearance on the Rising Tide Bar!


And finally the family from How to Train Your Dragon shows up!oasis-of-the-seas-parade-dragon

The show lasted around a half hour but it was full of fun and entertainment and it is one of our best memories from the cruise!  Remember the early bird gets the front row!

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Oasis of The Seas Day 3: Central Park, Rising Tide Bar and a Bow for the Bow

25 Jun Oasis of The Seas Rising Tide Underneath

Aaarrrgh!  Shiver me timbers!

I’m not a pirate but this was our first day at sea and it is better than repeating “Ahoy Mates!” again and seriously annoying Jany (actually she thinks it’s funny).

In this post I will tell you about Day 3 on the ship, we were completely at sea all day as we would not arrive at the next port until very early the next morning.  So it seemed like a perfect opportunity to explore the ship, unfortunately, that is the same exact idea that most of the other passengers had.  So it turned out to be a little crowded but we still got to see much more than we had seen so far, and boy was there a lot to see!  But if I had to do it all over again I would listen to this… Tip: Spend most of Day 3 relaxing by the pool because many of the activities and attractions will be crowded because it is the first full day at sea.

This was also the first morning that we had breakfast outside of the main Opus dining room.  We had seen that you could get a good breakfast, including an omelet station, at the Park Cafe’ so we tried it and it was very good and less crowded than Opus.  So continued our love affair with Central Park that had begun the moment we first laid eyes on it and had blossomed further with the previous night’s visit to 150 Central Park.

Park Central is literally a park at sea, there are all kinds of wonderful plants and trees, as well as flowers, sculptures and even birds!  There are also two awesome giant skylights that look down to the Royal Promenade below and perhaps one of my favorite watering holes in the world: the Rising Tide Bar that actually rises and lowers between the Royal Promenade and Central Park every 15 minutes!

Here is a map of the park so you can get an idea of how it is laid out.  As always, click the image for a larger view.

Oasis-of-The-Seas-Central-Park-MapHere is a zoomed in version of a previous shot from Day 1, this way you can get an excellent idea of what the park looks like from above.

Oasis-of-The-Seas-Central-Park-Overhead This is the sign that greets you as you enter the park, it makes me happy just looking at it!Oasis of The Seas Central Park SignThere are several beautiful abstract sculptures located throughout the park as well as numerous benches where you can sit and enjoy the scenery.  Notice the variety of plants and the attention to detail of the copper lamps that light the walkway.

Oasis of The Seas Park SculptureI believe this is an Iron Egret but feel free to send me your opinions!

Oasis of The Seas Central Park Bird This is one of my favorite shots because it shows you one of the flower covered trellises and the beautiful walkway…sigh…can’t wait to go back!

Oasis of The Seas WalkwayHere are some of the amazing flowers, they all have a sign to tell you what kind they are, these are called Cornocob flowers…JK.
Oasis of The Seas FlowersThis is what it looks like when you are on the Royal Promenade level looking up through the skylights.

Oasis of The Seas Inside SkylightAnd here is a side view of the Rising Tide Bar!  This shot was taken in the morning so the bar was not open yet and it was stationary at the Park Central Level, but when it is open (afternoon, evening, night) it goes up and down every 15 minutes, definitely one of the coolest bars I have been to…not that I have been to a lot 😉

Oasis of The Seas Rising Tide WalkHere is a shot of the doors to enter the Rising Tide Bar as it is on it’s way up to Park Central, they stay shut until the bar arrives and then the outside doors open first followed by the inside doors, a very good idea for a bar that travels three stories every 15 minutes!

Oasis of The Seas Rising Tide DoorsHere is what the Rising Tide Bar looks like from underneath when it is up at Central Park and you are down at the Royal Promenade…what can I say…sweet, it looks like a spaceship or did I have one too many?

Oasis of The Seas Rising Tide UnderneathThe attention to detail on the Oasis of The Seas is astounding; this is the floor below the rising tide bar that fills up with different colored fountains when the bar goes up, Aaarrgh!  Shiver me timbers!  Why I am cursed to be a landlubber!

Oasis of The Seas Rising Tide BaseOK normally you probably shouldn’t go visit the bow (front) of the ship right after visiting the Rising Tide Bar, but we were on a photo expedition and not a drinking expedition so we decided to take a trip to the bow of the ship.  It is so clean and fancy that it deserves a bow tie and a it’s designers should take a bow, the only other bow I can think of comes with an arrow and that doesn’t really apply here so my epic pun is done…sorry to disappoint you!

Here is a shot of one of the observation decks with a telescope.  See how it has rails and glass walls so that even the stupidest (drunkest) of passengers can continue their voyage without tumbling over the side.

Oasis of The Seas Observation DeckHere is the love of my life and her sweet Canon EOS Rebel taking the shot that I will show you below.  Also you can get a sneak peak of the adults only pool (at the top left of the shot) which became our second favorite part of the ship after Central Park.  I will tell you more about it in an upcoming post.

Oasis of The Seas Jany Camera Here is the shot she was taking in the above pic, the very front of the ship has a helipad…for countless reasons.

Oasis of The Seas BowAfter our photo tour we grabbed some drinks and decided to go check out the Dreamworks Parade that was starting on the Royal Promenade…but it was already so crowded that we really couldn’t see anything or even get near the parade.  This is one of the few times when you definitely felt that the ship was overcrowded.  There were so many people that had been staking out a spot on the front lines of the parade route for hours that anyone who arrived less than 2 hours before the parade really couldn’t see anything.  But we could hear from the cheers and excitement and see little glimpses of an awesome parade, so we vowed to stake out a spot on the next day at sea which would be Day 6 so check back for our awesome strategy and sweet pics.   But for now here is another Tip: The Dreamworks Parade occurs only on the days at sea (3,6,7) so plan one day where you will stake out a spot on the front lines of the parade route, it will be well worth the couple of hours you spend there waiting!

After our parade fail we got ready for our second premium dining experience, this time at Chops Grille which is the Steakhouse option.  We loved our experience again although it was not as mind blowing as 150 Central Park it was still delicious and so much better than dining in the main Opus Dining Room with so many people.  We both agreed that it was once again well worth the extra money and we decided that the next night we would visit the last (and least expensive) of the premium dining options: Giovanni’s Table!

So Aaarrgh!  We spent a day at sea, I hope you enjoyed it and below you can find links to all of our other Oasis of The Seas posts.

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Oasis of The Seas Day 2: Atlantis and 150 Central Park

20 Jun Oasis-of-The-Seas-Atlantis-Paradise-Island

Ahoy mates!  (Jany is really getting tired of that)

Today I am going to tell you all about our first full day of vacation, our trip to Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and the grand finale of the day dining at 150 Central Park!

So the day started very early because for some reason the Oasis of The Seas leaves Nassau at 2pm.  This is probably because of the long distance to the next port of Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, because you actually spend Day 3 at sea as the ship chugs along at a pretty good pace.  The early ship departure time leads to the following Tip: On Day 2 you need to get up and off the ship by 7-8am at the latest or you will not have much time at all to relax in Nassau. It also means that to be safe you will want to already be on your way back to the ship by 1pm and even earlier if your excursion is farther away.  This fact did not bode well for us because neither of us are morning people and we both tend to procrastinate, which is why we are perfect for each other…awwwww!

Anywho, we knew we would not be up at the butt crack of dawn to get breakfast and get off the ship so we opted for a basic, and relatively inexpensive excursion which was the Discover Atlantis Tour (Code NS03).  We had never been to Atlantis Paradise Island so we wanted to check it out and figured this would be a good way to see it.


We could have also just gotten a taxi and explored on our own but we figured the cab fare would be about half the cost anyways and this would be a good way to get a tour of such a huge resort.  Many people, especially families, opted for the Atlantis Aquaventure which gives you access to the waterpark but since we are well past our water sliding days we decided to spend $59 per person instead of $165 per person.  Unfortunately, the trip did not start out great and we were not very happy with the boarding of the boat that would to take us over to Atlantis.   For some reason they did not have a complete ramp from the dock to the boat so we actually had to step on a couple of rocks to get to the boat and Jany almost slipped and broke her ankle…that would have been no fun at all.  I think it was because the water was very choppy so they didn’t want to use the full ramp but still they should have come up with a better solution!  But once we got to Atlantis things went much better, the inside of the resort is beautiful and the tour started out great.  However, once we finished the bigger sights they wanted to take the entire tour group through the aquarium and the tour guide was kind of rushing through things.  We wanted to take our time and take some pictures so we abandoned our tour group and set out on our own.

The aquarium was awesome, it was so cool seeing such huge creatures through floor-to-ceiling windows so it felt as if you were standing next to them in the ocean!


My favorite part was probably the tube that you walk through that is on the bottom of the aquarium so all of the sea creatures are swimming around and above you!


We headed back to the ship relatively early so we could get a good seat near the pool, but most people seemed to have the same idea because it was somewhat crowded by the time we got there. But there was still basically no line at the pool bars, probably because there are a few main bars and then several satellite mini bars as well as many servers stopping by to make sure you were filled up.  The ship started to leave around 2:30pm as it was waiting for the last stragglers to show up.  We enjoyed our time at Atlantis and took a few parting shots on the way out, as well as a great shot of the lighthouse and all of Atlantis Paradise Island!


We hung out for a bit and had a few more drinks and decided we would start getting ready for our much anticipated dinner at 150 Central Park.

Since we were going out to the fanciest restaurant on board we decided to get all dressed up for the occasion.  When we got to 150 Central Park we were treated with first class service from the moment we walked in the door.  Their idea is to have a 5 star restaurant at sea and the entire staff was amazing!  We knew we were in for a treat when the multiple types of bread were served with multiple types of butter and even several varieties of salt!  The server was so attentive, he knew what we wanted before we did!

He recommended an excellent wine for us and you can see the beautiful container with the six types of salt!


Now I must tell you that you do not have a choice on the menu, as is the case in many 5 star restaurants the chef sets a 5 course menu that is out-of-this-world and slight modifications can be made.  This was a concern for me because I am a very picky eater, I’m not a fan of nuts (except salted peanuts to Jany’s amusement), mushy things, beans and many other things, but I loved every single thing that the chef put on my plate.  Jany does not like red meat, although she is not a full vegetarian, so the chef was able to substitute thinly sliced chicken for the meat.  So you can ask for modifications which they are incredibly receptive to and you will be amazed at what lands in front of you.  The Florida Lobster Salad in particular was…shut-the-front-door-good.  And everything else was excellent, we were probably full by the third course but we could not stop.

Here is what we looked like after the dinner!  Tip: Ask for the sweet giant green chairs only a few tables have them!

Oasis-of-The-Seas-150-Central-Park-Josh Oasis-of-The-Seas-150-Central-Park-Jany

In the end we agreed that it was one of the top few dining experiences of our lives, it was well worth the $35 per person charge and we would recommend it to anyone and everyone who sails on the Oasis of The Seas!  Bonus Awesome 150 Central Park Tip: They have two menus, one for the first few days and then another for the last few days, we went back for the second menu and were blown away again!!!

So ended our Day 2 on Oasis of The Seas, we had full stomachs and happy hearts and went to bed with smiles on our faces looking forward to the next 5 days! 🙂

Check back next week for Day 3 at Sea and more tips!

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Oasis of The Seas Pre-Cruise Planning

16 Jun

Ahoy Mates!

A couple of weeks ago Jany and I went on the best cruise vacation of our lives!  We spent 7 days on the Oasis of The Seas and to say that this ship is impressive is a massive understatement, I would describe it as breathtaking, awe inspiring, amazing and one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  It is so big and cool that it is going to take a few posts to give it justice, so check back over the next week for days 1-7.  But first, to help you understand how we ended up on the Oasis of The Seas, we have to start with the a quick history of our cruise travels…

The first cruise that Jany and I went on was a bit of a disaster.  We went for 3 days on the Majesty of the Seas which was an awesome ship…back in the late 90’s.  But when we went in 2010 it was already well past its heyday.  Actually Jany and I had both been on it as teenagers and had fond memories of it.  But at this point it is a second-class ship, and it has a bit of an old man who has given up on showering odor to it!  But since both Jany and I knew that we wanted to go on Royal Caribbean (we had heard horror stories about Carnival’s food and service) we thought it was our best option.

The Doomed Couple

The Doomed Couple

But choosing the Maleficent of the Seas was not the worst of our decisions…there was actually a tie for worst decision which was between getting an interior stateroom (no windows) and deciding to sail during hurricane season.  Tips: Never get an interior stateroom and never ever ever ever sail during hurricane season…it’s cheaper for a reason.  We should have just turned around and left when we entered our stateroom saw two magazines with, I kid you not, Leonardo DiCaprio on one cover and Kate Winslet on the other!

Just in case you thought I was making this up!

Just in case you thought I was making this up!

Sure enough the captain could not let that irony be lost so he ran right into a tropical storm on day 2 while we were out at sea.

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

I can remember the boat listing back and forth violently at almost a 45 degree angle and waves crashing into the hull while we curled up in fear on our bed.  We could hear what sounded like the hull cracking every time the waves hit and I think if Jany had not been hopped up on enough Dramamine to take down a small horse she probably would have died of a heart attack or at least puked her brains out.  So those are the memories of our first cruise together.

But we are brave and stupid and so when bad things happen to us we just go ahead and charge back into battle!  Of course we had learned so much from our first cruise that our second was actually a great experience.  A year after Maleficent of The Seas (and before the start of hurricane season) we boarded the Norwegian Sky by NCL and proceeded to our exterior stateroom with its own…wait for it…balcony!!!  Tip: The balcony is the only way to go, trust me it is well worth the extra money.

Beautiful Shot of South Beach Miami Beach by Joshua Reich

The view of South Beach from our Balcony on the Norwegian Sky

You feel like you have so much more room, you have your own private view and it gives you a reason to actually relax in your room for a bit instead of feeling like you just need to shower change and get out.

Our Awesome Balcony!

Our Awesome Balcony on the Norwegian Sky!

The Norwegian Sky had some great features, it was much newer than Maleficent of The Seas and had some cool decor and good food.  This was also our first experience with private dining on a cruise.  Tip: If you have never cruised before you should know that if you are not careful you will dine at a big table with other people that you have never met and you will eat at the same table for dinner each night at the same time.  On Maleficent of The Seas this was the only option, they figured since the ship was an antique they should make the dining antique as well.  But the new trend is private dining where you can sit at a table with only the people you are on the cruise with…and maybe not even them if you are cruising with family members that annoy you!  And you can choose your dining time.  And since Jany and I do not annoy each other that much we loved sitting together alone each night at dinner.  All in all it was such a great trip that we immediately started planning for our next cruise the much anticipated 7 days on Oasis of the Seas!!!

We planned for this trip for over a year, it is definitely the longest in advance that I have ever planned a trip.  We knew we wanted a great balcony and by booking early we were able to get one on the top floor around the middle of the ship.  Tip: It’s better to be in the middle of the ship because you feel the rocking of the boat less than you do at the front or the back. We also knew that we wanted to sail in May because it was before hurricane season and also not too early in the year that it might be too cold outside for a couple of Floridians.  So we settled on the first week of May as it worked with our schedules.

A sneak peak of our Oasis of The Seas balcony

A sneak peak of our Oasis of The Seas balcony

A word on travel agents…in my opinion they are best for people who are either retired or wealthy enough to take multiple trips per year.  This way they can be on the lookout for great deals and opportunities and in this case they serve a purpose.  But for the working class that only has time for one major vacation per year they can be more of a hindrance in some ways.  We had always booked directly through the cruise company, and for Royal Caribbean Jany was even a member of the Anchor and Crown Club which got her special treatment.  But this time I told a friend of mine who was a travel agent about our plan and he asked that we book through him because the cost was the same and he could make some money plus he said he would have a bottle of champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries in our room upon arrival.  So we figured why not…well here is why not: when we called Royal Caribbean to ask them questions they saw that we booked with a travel agent so they told us that we should direct all questions to the agent.  This was a bit annoying but understandable as they are paying the agent a commission.  So we contacted him but it always took him a day or two to get back to us.  It may not seem like a big deal but for two people who were counting every second until the biggest vacation of their lives it was a big deal.  In the future we will go through the cruise company.

But there is a lot more to planning a 7 day cruise than just picking a cabin and a date and Royal Caribbean does a tremendous job of supplying you with tools to plan.  The best thing they do for you is provide a website where you register with your cruise information and the site is personalized with all the details of your trip.  So you can check a countdown of days to sail, see exactly where your room is located on this ship, get a checklist of things to remember to pack and most importantly reserve your dining times, excursions and shows in advance!  This feature is incredibly important because there are close to 3,000 people on the ship (did I mention the ship is ginormous?) and so shows, excursions and dining times can fill up fast.  Tip: Do not wait until you are on board to sign up for shows, excursions and dining times as your preferred selections and times may not be available.  We were very interested in a couple of the comedy and dance shows and we knew they would fill up quickly so we immediately reserved our spots and then based on the time of the shows we reserved our dinner times.  We also reserved the two excursions that we wanted because they were among the more popular.  One of the main complaints that we read about the Oasis of the Seas is that it was too crowded, and while this can become an issue if you are not prepared, we spent our time preparing and were rarely inconvenienced by the crowds.  One of the main situations where we needed to be extra prepared was during the Dreamworks Parade, which will be discussed in a later post.  But all in all if you prepare well you will not have too much of a problem with crowds.

So to sum up the planning portion (which is a major aspect of a 7 day cruise on an incredibly popular ship) you need to:

  1. Book a balcony cabin around the middle of the ship
  2. Deal directly with the cruise line
  3. Spend a LOT of time on your personalized website choosing shows, dining and excursions
  4. Get all of your ducks in a row, and by ducks I mean passport, tickets, cameras, iPads, books and anything else you can’t live without
  5. BONUS TIP:  They might tell you boarding begins at 2pm, but they are lying to make their lives easier, get their around 10am and you will be one of the first on board and have what feels like a whole extra day on the ship, we will cover this in the next post in more detail
A quick preview of the Oasis of The Seas

A quick preview of the Oasis of The Seas

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