About Us

Welcome to Home Sweet Sunshine!

This is our little piece of the digital universe and we are so happy you could visit. We are developing this blog as an online record of our life as it unfolds in so many wild and wonderful ways. We have so many interests and activities that keep us busy and we have often waxed sentimentally over our past adventures and realized how much we forget as time goes by. This is usually most obvious when we take a look at pictures and although they do give us something nice to remember there is so much more that we know we have forgotten. So we have decided to blog about our life so that we can always remember the sunny times…and maybe even a couple of rainy ones!

So first here is a little bit about us: We are Jany and Josh – newlyweds but old souls, we are hard working but easy going, we are very friendly but treasure our privacy, we are very logical but also a little crazy and we are in love with each other and many other things: family, our pets, our home, our garden, food, wine, rum, martinis, beer, chocolate, cake, cookies, sleep, movies, art, science, crafts, photography, music, sports, philosophy, dancing, cars, the beach and oh yeah CHEESE!

Of course although we are incorporated into one we are each unique and individual in so many ways and our passions and interests often collide and diverge in spectacular fashion.About Jany Home Sweet Sunshine

Jany is the true chef of the family and she revels in trying and perfecting new recipes for both the sweet and savory side of life.  She is very creative and enjoys many types of arts and crafts including making glass beads, she’s dangerous behind the torch!  She also loves to decorate the house and is constantly keeping her eyes open for new and creative ways to make our house even more of a home.

josh-about2Josh is the muscle behind the operation and is indispensable to Jany because he is taller than her and she cannot always reach her baking supplies on the top shelves! But he is much more than that, he has a background in writing and even founded his own newspaper in college. He majored in philosophy but somehow has been successful in life and now he enjoys gardening much more than he ever thought he would.

Together we are so proud to bring you our blog Home Sweet Sunshine!

We hope you love reading it as much as we enjoy creating it and if there is anything you would like to see us write about or review please don’t hesitate to contact us at HomeSweetSunshine@Gmail.com!

About Jany and Josh Home Sweet Sunshine



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