PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge

13 Jun

To all our fellow cat lovers this blog post is for you!  How many times have you walked into a room and spotted your cat sitting on your chair or your furniture?  Well if your cat is anything like our Mr. Cat then that happens all the time! Mr. Cat has basically taken over Josh’s office chair, our foot rest in our living room, our sofa and my office chair… somehow he thinks that they are all his beds! We don’t really have a problem when he sits in our office chairs but we don’t like him to use our sofa or the foot rest because we have a leather sofa. Also Mr. Cat has all his claws and we have noticed a few holes on our sofa. We have purchased numerous cat beds, scratchers and cat towers, he seems to have an interest in them but within weeks or months he slowly loses interest. When purchasing these items for him it’s a little tricky because he’s a big cat, he weighs 16 lbs. and measures 20″ long!

I remember one afternoon walking into a Petsmart. There was a good sale on a cat tower that Josh and I were after. After looking at the item that we originally went to purchase, we both looked at each other and knew that there was no way that Mr.Cat would fit in that tower! It was just too small for him! We continued looking around and we purchased a two story cat tower that was big and sturdy enough for him. At the same time it gave us the peace of mind that it wouldn’t fall down when he attempted to jump up. As we walked out of the store with our cat tower a lady approached us and said, “Wow that’s a nice tower! You guys must have three cats!” We both looked at each other and nodded our heads and with a smile said, “Nope we only have one cat!”  She bursts out laughing and tells us, “That’s one lucky cat, he has his own cat condo!”

We have always had a cat scratcher for him in our living room which he loves! But once again because of his size it’s too small for him. His old scratcher needed to be replaced and I started looking around for a new one. I was looking for something that was bigger, sturdier and more stylish. Because I have Amazon Prime, which includes free two day shipping and other great benefits, I always tend to look there first and truth be told they always impress me! I found an amazing cat scratcher at a great price!

Let me introduce you to the PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge.

Mr Cat PetFusion Cat Scratcher3

This scratcher is big and spacious! Mr Cat fits on it and still has some extra room!

It you have smaller cats two can fit on it at the same time. It is also very sturdy, when he jumps up on it and digs his claws in there the scratcher doesn’t move at all! With previous scratchers they would tend to move all over the place and not be stable enough for him.

The scratcher is also pretty stylish! It has some nice curves (which Mr. Cat uses to curl up and sleep on) but the outer lining color matches with our furniture (we choose the walnut color) so it complements our living room decor.Mr Cat PetFusion Cat Scratcher4

If you are looking for a comfy, sturdy and stylish cat scratcher that your fury babies will love, look no further! This one is by far the best cat scratcher that Mr. Cat has ever owned!

Mr. Cat uses the top curve to rest his head

Mr. Cat uses the top curve to rest his head

Do you own this product? Share your thoughts with us below or #homesweetsunshine on Instagram to share your photos.



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