Dog Attack!!!

11 Jun

Good Evening!

Boy have I got some action for you today; unfortunately, the details of the story I am about to tell you are true and should serve as a warning to all dog walkers and anyone else that likes to go for a walk in their neighborhood for that matter.  Let me preface this story by saying that we really love our neighborhood, it is very quiet and most people take good care of their property and pets.  However, there is a bit of a problem with people who would rather let their dogs out into their front or back yards to do their business instead of taking the time to walk them.  This can cause dangerous situations when we are responsibly walking our dog, Sheika the Akita, on her leash as we do every morning and evening.  That being said, this is all just background to our main story as this dog attack was actually a dog that had gotten loose, but you will see how the two tie into each other shortly.

So here we go…Last Thursday I was taking Sheika for her afternoon walk and everything was going great.Josh has a bloody arm after dog attack  We had gone on a full walk which is about 1 mile around our neighborhood and were on the home stretch down our street to get to our house.  We were about 7 houses away from home when I veered to the East side of the street because on the West side were two houses where the afore mentioned lazy fake dog walkers lived.  I had done this countless times, so much so that Sheika would already start leading me to that side of the street as we approached this area.  I knew that the house I was passing in front of had a very big American Bulldog but I had never once (in over 4 years) seen that dog outside or even heard it outside in the backyard.  I had only seen the owner walking him a few times holding the leash while simultaneously holding his 2 year old daughter…more on that shortly.  So I was in a great mood, having a great walk and of course that is usually when something goes wrong.

We had just passed the main walkway to their house and had a chest high hedge to our left and Sheika to my right when I see a flash of white and hear a growl and before I knew it the American Bulldog had snuck around behind me and had jumped on Sheika digging his teath into her front left shoulder!  My immediate reaction was to try and pull the leash to get Sheika away from the sneak attacker while lunging at the dog at the same time.  This was not good because it basically hindered Sheika from her counter attack, so the dog was able to stay behind her and continue to bite.  At this point, this is all within about 5 seconds, I start to scream and punch and kick the dog, I also realize the mistake I made and decide to let go of Sheika’s leash to give her a fighting chance.  This freed my left hand to grab the dog by the neck and pull it off of Sheika, at which point the dog ripped free from Sheika and my grip and turned to lunge at me!  I raised my right forearm to block it and it clamped down hard puncturing the top and bottom of my arm, then I was able to land a hard right kick to its body and it let go and turned to go after Sheika again, I screamed as loud as I could “HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!” which back Sheika off just enough to give me space so that I could grab the dog again by the back of the neck and this time I used all my strength to throw it backwards and then move myself in between the cowardly sneak attacker and my beautiful Sheika.  The dog seemed to pause for a second in shock at my continued screaming which at this point had turned into “HEYYYYYYYYYY COME GET YOUR DOG!!!!!” because the owner still had not come out of the house!  I still don’t understand how the owner did not hear my screams when people had come outside of almost every other house and were yelling to me to see if I needed help.  Then the dog started walking towards us again and I changed my screams to “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” “GET BACK!!!” “NOOOOO!!!!” and finally the dog listened and walked back to its house.  The whole thing lasted about 30 seconds but felt like it lasted much longer.

Josh arm after dog attackAt this point, since the dog’s owner still had not come out despite my screaming and because I had blood running down my arm from a puncture wound, I decided to call 911 and report the attack. This is something I would have preferred not to do but since nobody came out of the house and because I knew I might need to go to the hospital I decided to call. I told them I did not need an ambulance so they said they would send the police and animal control. When I hung up with them I called Jany immediately. I knew she would get worried when she got the call because I never call her when I am on walks. So the first thing I told her was that we were both ok but that we had been attacked and I had called the police. She jumped in the car and drove down the street to where I was still waiting on the other side of the street from the attacking dog’s house.

When she arrived I noticed the owner of the dog coming out of the house holding his 2 year old daughter in his arms and going to take out the trash. I started yelling at him “Hey your dog just attacked me! I called the police!” He came over to us with a look of shock on his face that he maintained as I explained to him what had just happened. He said his dog had come to the back door to be let in and he let him in but he hadn’t heard any screaming and the dog did not seem to be agitated. I still find it hard to believe that people who were three houses down heard me and came out of their houses but that they didn’t hear me when I was in front of their house. But that was not the worst offense.josh-bruise-after-dog-attack

The owner apologized several times which was good but then when Jany asked him whether or not the dog had his rabies shots he said that they lived in Georgia half the time and that the dog had his shots up in Georgia. Well that sent the BS meter up real fast and sure enough when I followed up with him the next day for proof that the dog had the shots he could not provide it to me. First he said his vet made house calls and was hard to get on the phone, then he sent me a license that expired in 2010 then finally he said that he does get the dog shots but does not get it registered with the county because they fined him in the past when he was late getting the shots.

josh-leg-after-dog-attackSo animal control came and fined him for not having up-to-date shots registered with the county and I had to go to the doctor and get a tetnis shot, some other shot that had to go in my butt and then antibiotics. The same was the result for Sheika who had a puncture wound in her cheek. I took her to the vet and they cleaned the wound and put her on antibiotics. She had a mild limp in her front left leg for about a day after but has since resumed normal walking. The owner somewhat redeemed himself when he offered to pay for everything and also gave me a bottle of whiskey. But the main thing I told the owner is how lucky he was that the dog attacked a grown man and a 100 lb. dog instead of a child. I told him how I had seen him walking his dog with his child in one arm and that he should imagine if the same thing had happened to him and his child. That scared him for sure but who knows if he will make any changes, I don’t think that someone who would not have their dog registered is going to make many great improvements but you never know.josh-puncture-2days-after-dog-attack

For my part I am much more careful now when I walk, I have memorized the location of every dog’s house and I make sure to cross the street when I approach them. And I have permanently altered my route home so that I never pass by that house again. Sheika is so big that I was overconfident that she could defend us against any dog attack. We had been attacked one time before but the dog ran straight at us from the front and Sheika stood up and fought the dog even though I was pulling her back that time as well. I was afraid Sheika would hurt the other dog that time but the dog quickly retreated when it realized what it was dealing with. So I thought we would always be safe, that I just had to worry about Sheika hurting any dogs that tried to attack us. But this one snuck up on us from behind and Sheika was not able to turn fast enough. So the moral of the story is you cannot be too careful when you are out walking anywhere, in the city you can get robbed and in a residential neighborhood you can get attacked by a big dog. I hope you take something from this story and make sure you are extra careful when you are on the street you never know what is coming around the corner!

  • What I did smart before the attack: Wore proper walking shoes and attire so I was prepared for anything
  • What I did stupid before the attack: Was not aware enough of my surroundings, was too overconfident in my safety
  • What I did smart during the attack: Fought to end the confrontation instead of continuing to fight the dog
  • What I did stupid during the attack: Pulled Sheika’s leash which made it harder for her to protect herself next time I will just drop the leash and go for the dog
  • What I did smart after the attack: Cleaned my wounds and Sheika’s wounds thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin Ointment and covered my wounds with bandages
  • What I did stupid after the attack: Did not listen to Jany and go to Urgent Care and take Sheika to a 24 hour emergency vet, we both went the next day but initially I didn’t feel our injuries were bad enough to warrant an emergency visit, it ended up working out but it could have turned out differently and both the doctor and the vet said I should have gone immediately to avoid any risk of infection

If you have ever experienced a dog attack or have any tips for staying safe while walking please share them with us in the comment section below!


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