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Nail Art with a Splash of Grenadine

29 May

Hi everyone! Every week I will share with you a nail color that I like and a cute DIY nail art idea. Nail art has changed the way women do their nails. We no longer go to the the nail salon and just pick one color. We now have so many options available. We can jazz up our nails by choosing different colors, adding glitter, pearls, nail caviar, metal studs, stamping or for the very talented you can even paint your own design; the possibilities are endless!

Not long ago my favorite and only nail color was the good old fashioned french manicure. Although it’s very classy and never goes out of style, one day I decided that I would like to add some color to my nails. As I started experimenting with all different types of colors I noticed that I liked them all!

This week I decided to wear the oh so pretty “Splash of Grenadine” by Essie. It’s a light pinkish purple color that stands out but is not too loud.


I also used “Blush Hour” by OPI. It’s glittery with shades of light purple, light pink and hot pink.

2I love this color combination, they look great together!


On my ring finger I applied a base of Splash of Grenadine and then added two coats of Blush Hour.





I hope you guys enjoy this week’s colors and nail art idea. Let me know what you think of this color combo and share your nail photos with me. Also check back soon for another nail color and nail art design!



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