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Choosing a Wedding Photographer

6 Nov

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Josh proposed to me on August 31, 2012.  I had no idea that he was going to pop the question, he actually planned it perfectly.  The weekend before it was my birthday and my mom always has a little birthday dinner prepared for us.  So he told me that the following weekend for my birthday he had reserved a weekend long hotel stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Key Biscayne!

When that Friday came along although I was excited to spend a nice relaxing long weekend at the Ritz, I was also a little sad.  I know many of you may be asking your self “sad!?!, why sad?”.  Well we love our four legged family and due to our busy life we only get to spend lots of time with them on the weekend.  I was just sad that we were not going to spend the long weekend with them!

That day Josh was so on point!  He kept on reminding me of things I needed to pack and asking me if I had forgotten anything.  I was really impressed!  At the same time he kept on telling me how he had made dinner reservations for 7PM.  I found it strange how he was in such a rush to get there…

We left the house and when we got to the hotel we checked in, went up to the room to settle in and freshen up.  After that we headed downstairs to have dinner.  When we got there I remembered him being really nervous when he was confirming our dinner reservation.  Out of nowhere a waiter appeared and asked us to follow him.  As we made our way through the beautiful dining room area we kept going and continued out the back door.  I found that a bit strange once again!  But I figured we were going to have dinner outside.

But then we started to walk out towards the side of the building and onto the grass area.  When we turned the corner I saw a candlelit gazebo, a table covered with beautiful linen, candles and rose petals scattered over the table and onto the floor!  We had a view of the beach and it was a full moon; not your regular full moon though it was a Blue Moon! I was surprised, breathless and stunned all at the same time!

When we got to the gazebo the nice man from the Ritz left us and Josh asked me to walk out and in front of the gazebo near the beach.  Now I was getting really confused but as we got near the beach he stopped me and said he had “something important to say”.  Then he started trying to recite a poem he had written for me, he was so nervous he only got a few lines out before he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him!!!  Of course I said “YES”!!!

Now let the planning begin!

Josh and I knew that we wanted amazing photos to remember that special night!  We started researching types of photographers, photography styles and pricing and here is what we found!

Types of Photographers:

  • Wedding Photographer (Full-Time):  Only shoots weddings and engagements.
  • High-End Photographer:  Very artistic shoots with gorgeous pictures but very pricy!
  • Professional Photographer (non-wedding):  Their main focus can be architecture, fashion or travel but they will shoot weddings from time to time.
  • Old School Photographer:  Has a small studio with back drops like from your senior pictures and most of his shots are posed.
  • Aspiring Amateur:  Someone who is just starting out.  This can be tricky, you might be able to find a diamond in the rough but it can be hit or miss.

Photography styles:

  • Traditional:  Posed pictures where the photographer is telling you or your guests where to stand, how to stand and where to look.  Lots of interaction between you and your photographer.
  • Photojournalist:  Tells a story about your special day.  You will see lots of candid and non-posed pictures.  Sometimes they will leave you wondering how they got that shot!
  • Artistic:  Photography may be posed or may not.  The photographer may use props that are available around him/her.  Keep in mind these are not your regular shots, expect some amazing pictures!


  • Wedding Photographer (Full-Time):  $2500 and up
  • High-End Photographer:  $6,000 up to $20,000
  • Professional Photographer (non-wedding):  $2000 and up
  • Old School Photographer:  $1,900 and up
  • Aspiring Amateur:  $1000 and up

After Josh and I considered all of the options above and looked at over 80 + photographers websites (yes, I know we got a little bit obsessive about this).  We narrowed down our search to our top five picks.  We called them and met with each of them in person to get a better feel for their style and what they had to offer. It was a very hectic weekend but at our fourth meeting we knew we had found out photographer!

Acromatico is a up and coming husband and wife duo that impressed us right off the bat with their gorgeous photos, incredible albums and professionalism.  They are upbeat, fun, easy to get along with and they have an artistic eye.  One of the things that we loved was that not only were we getting a combination of artistry and attention to detail but that we were also getting two incredible photographers for our wedding!  After researching over 80 photographers and meeting with 3 others we realized that although we had to go a little over budget we were getting high end photographers for a reasonable price.

Stay tuned for our engagement session with Acromatico.  I would highly recommend to every engaged couple that they do an engagement photo session with their wedding photographer.  It will give you an opportunity to get to know your photographer and feel comfortable the day of your wedding.  After our engagement shoot with Acromatico we feel even more confident that our wedding pictures are going to be perfect!

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