The Fair and a Birthday Boy

15 Apr

About two weeks ago it was Josh’s birthday.  The night before he told me that it would be nice to spend the day at the beach.  But when we woke up it was a bit too cold to go to the beach.  Out of nowhere he suggested that we should go to The Fair!  I have to say he caught me a bit off guard…  But it was nice to go back and see all the rides we once rode when we were younger.

Our first stop was the food stand!

Food Stand

Josh ordered a hot dog, fries and a coke.

Hot Dog

Here is the birthday boy, enjoying his lunch!


I ordered a cheese on a stick and a coke.  I have to admit it didn’t taste as good as I remembered it to be when I was younger.  Then again it could also be that back then I was running around the fair like a mad woman, riding all the rides and I had a bigger appetite by the time I ate something!

Out Cheese on a Stick

In Cheese on a Stick

As we continued walking I came across this little food stand.  I was so tempted to get a Sundae,  but I decided not to because I was so looking forward to eating some cotton candy!


Now we start getting to the fun part!  Josh offered to win me a big bear but it never happened…  Well there is always next year!


There were so many crazy rides!

Rides 1

Rides 2

Rides 4

Rides 6

But these two must have been the craziest rides I have ever seen!  By the way did you see how high those things go?!?

Rides 5

Rides 3

After all that craziness we needed something a bit more relaxing and what can be more relaxing than seeing all the animals?

Zoo 1

Zoo 2

Zoo 5

Zoo 4

Zoo 3

Zoo 6

Zoo 7

Zoo 8

Zoo 9

Zoo 10

Zoo 11

Zoo 13

Zoo 12

One last picture before we left!

The Fair

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