Happy St. Patrick’s (and blog birth) Day!

18 Mar

Well we now have even more reason to celebrate that greenest of days…ah yes ya’ wee lass I speak not of Arbor Day (another of our favorite days) but o’course of lovely St. Patty’s day!

In addition to that fact that I am of Irish descent (1/4 to be exact , I will explain the other 3/4 later) for I am a proud son of the McGowan clan that once roamed the emerald isle, this date also has two other significant meanings for us.  First it is the day that oh some 34 years ago that yours truly was supposed to be born.  I decided to sleep in for about 11 days in a trend which I would love to repeat throughout life but which seems to have evaded me thus far.

And second it is the day that my beautiful fiance’ and partner in crime decided to launch our new blog: HomeSweetSunshine.com!  It actually happened by coincidence but it seems that this day has always found its way onto my calendar in special ways.

So in the great Irish tradition I decided to have a nice frosty brew to celebrate, now before you go grab the torches and pitchforks I know it is not an Irish beer.  Fact is I didn’t plan this but I’m going to play it off like this: In addition to being 1/4 Irish I am also of German, Italian and Russian lineage (yes the family reunions are quite the affair) so I decided to honor my other ancestors by drinking a (sort of ) German beer.

Plus Jany loves to practice with the insane number of features on her camera as often as possible!  So I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed the holiday and the brewski!





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